Orna Pascal

Making things by hand is what I love to do.  Baskets, quilts, fabric, paper, and plenty of other things keep me going.  These days I pull from my own treasure trove, enjoy what I find while salvaging & thrifting, and as always art stores give me a thrill.

A Mary Oliver poem asks ‘what will you do with your one wild and precious life’?

Here are some of the things I am doing.


Fabric and mixed media postcards are lots of fun.  Sometimes I make them singly, sometimes I make a bigger piece and cut it up.  I began doing the fabric cards  for  the quilt guild I belong to, East Bay Heritage Quilters.  At only $5, they are a popular fundraising item at all the events!


Collage journals are completely open to whatever you want to do, no limits!   It’s fun, challenging, serious, silly, satisfying, mysterious, experimental, emotional,  surprising, and often quite beautiful.

If you’d like a selection of ephemera from my  stash just send your name & address and then keep an eye on the mailbox:))


I did a series of drawings for the Coal  Shed Doodle Art Show which reminded me how much pleasure there is in just paper & ink.  After the show I kept on drawing, these are a few of my favorites.



$6 including tax & postage. The collages are approximately 4&5/8″ x 6&1/2″. They can be put up with push pins, put in a stand, or leaned up wherever you want.



As far as I am concerned fabric is one of the best things ever invented.  It’s been a lifetime passion and these days  I find that improvisation  particularly suits my personality and sewing abilities. Although I admire it,  precision sewing isn’t for me!